Tips for selling your property
Tips for selling your property
Tips for selling your property

Tips for selling your property

First Impressions Image of GardenFirst impressions count

Remember that many potential buyers will drive past your house before they book a viewing so make sure that the exterior of your property is looking its best. Trim hedges, mow the lawn and clean the windows!

Declutter Image of Messy OfficeDeclutter

Piles of toys, overflowing wardrobes and window sills full of photographs and ornaments make properties look cluttered and smaller than they really are. Put things out of sight and if possible store excess items away from the house to create more space so that buyers can imagine themselves living there.

Redecoration Image of Paint RollerRedecoration

If any part of your property is badly in need of redecoration get it done if possible as a finished property will make buyers more likely to pay your asking price. Speak to us if you’d like advice on what we think needs doing.

DIY Image of ToolsDIY

Make sure that all of those odd jobs you’ve been putting off for months are sorted before viewers start coming round!

Show home ImageShow home

Your property is on display so make sure that kitchen and bathrooms are immaculate, beds are made and that everything looks its best. Fresh flowers and plants can make all the difference.

Lighting Image of Chandelier Lighting

Make sure that for daytime viewings the curtains are pulled back and rooms are as light as possible. For evening viewings turn on any outside lights and have the house well lit throughout.

Pets Image of Golden RetrieverPets

Not everyone likes animals so make sure that dogs and cats are kept at a distance.

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